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2012 eClub Schedule Now Open!
February 15, 2012
By Samuel Staton

Thank you for your patience from Ryan to myself in running the eClub Tournament Schedule. After several months of contracting with courses, we have a strong schedule in place for our 2012 events offering the best value yet! We have already released the eClub schedule online, and I am now writing to inform you that the first two events, the Associate Club Four Ball Net Qualifier and the Associate Club Championship Qualifier tournaments have opened for each eClub section. As we are awaiting a new eClubhouse platform from GHIN, the calendar of events can be found on the NCGA website under eClubs, here: . The remaining events will begin registration in the coming days.



The 2012 schedule includes a few minor changes. First, we are moving the registration for events to our TPP software that we use for all other championships and events here at the NCGA. This will provide a more efficient process in registering and tournament setup. To register for an event, simply:


1.       select the event venue,

2.       create a username and password for the TPP program,

3.       select the 2012 NCGA eClub Tournament Schedule,

4.       and then register for an event!

Second, we have combined the events for the San Francisco and North Bay eClubs, the Central Valley and Fresno eClubs, and the South Bay and Monterey Bay eClubs. Participation numbers in the previous few years led us to believe that this will create stronger fields at each event with higher participation. Rest assured, for the qualifiers, the correct number of teams for each eClub will be sent to the Championship qualifiers. However, with this change, it is important that players within each eClub section try and participate in the events for their section first, as there are limited spots available. This is primarily significant for the qualifier events. Once the Silly Season events begin, we encourage every eClub member to try new venues outside of those they may be designated for their particular section. We may also add additional events to the schedule if participation numbers warrant so.



We here at the NCGA would like to thank you for your membership in the eClub, and we look forward to seeing you at an event(s) in 2012!



If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at your convenience.



Thank You,

Sam Staton